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Home Tutoring Plus vs. Popular Learning Centers:

Effective Tutoring Methods Franchised Learning Centers often use a method of tutoring called  prescriptive tutoring. They have a prescribed program of learning that every student follows. The students are tested, put in a group of about three students per teacher, and then work using the tutoring centers’ materials. This means that after a full day of school and an hour or two at the tutoring center, the students are then left to do their homework on their own. This is a lot to ask of someone who already feels discouraged about or challenged by schoolwork. In addition, there is precious little time or energy left for sports, music, or family and downtime. Let’s give our children the time to be children.

Whether you choose in-home or online services, Home Tutoring Plus uses non-prescriptive tutoring methods that emphasize the quickest and most direct route to your academic success. You receive effective, one-on-one services in your home where the child feels most comfortable. We focus on the material that matters most to the student, such as understanding and completing tonight’s homework, writing a book report, or preparing for Friday’s test. This proves to be a winning formula for virtually all of our students. Your goals and needs are the primary focus when we match you with a professional tutor. The tutor customizes the sessions to meet those needs and goals with success in the classroom as your positive outcome. You schedule the one-on-one appointments, always with the same teacher, and a positive, effective working relationship develops.

Improved Study Skills Although the learning center’s student/teacher ratio of three-on-one is better than the usual classroom ratio, some students will still be distracted or held back from their optimum learning potential by the presence of others.They may be swayed by feelings of competitiveness, shyness, inferiority, or any number of emotions which can prevent them from learning. With our one-on-one ratio, a coaching relationship typically develops between tutor and student. The student feels comfortable asking questions and receiving corrections.

In-home tutoring develops or reinforces the habit of studying at home. Home Tutoring Plus students not only advance during the tutoring sessions, but they progress well between lessons. With better study skills and confidence, students often improve even in subjects in which they are NOT being tutored. Learning how to learn is invaluable!

Convenient Most of our parents and students appreciate the convenience of tutoring in their homes. There is no travel time, and the parents can do as they please in their homes (as contrasted with parents looking for ways to use their time while waiting for their children at a tutoring center). If you do not want tutoring in the home, we will come to your work, a library, a coffee shop, etc. Home Tutoring Plus tutors will travel wherever it is most convenient for you.

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